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Association Management

Offering Professional Management Services to Condominium Owners Associations, Property Owners Associations, and Home Owners Associations (COA/POA/HOA respectively) at the Lake of the Ozarks

Keys to the Lake offers unequaled representation to owners. We believe there is both an art and a craft to property management. Our goal is exceptional service to our clients – we do things right the first time and on time. Our dedication to professionalism has struck a responsive chord among owners at the Lake.

Keys to the Lake is proud to offer Property Management Services to Condominium Owners Associations, Property Owners Associations and Home Owners Associations (COA/POA/HOA respectively) at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Our resume includes properties such as:

• Osage National Condominiums
• Cedar Heights Condominiums
• Harbor Point
• Loch Haven Condominiums
• Miramar Condominiums
• Timberlake Village Condominiums
• Forest Pointe Condominiums
• Timberlake Master Association
• The Crossings Center
• The Brandon Michael Building
• Hyd-A Way Cove Condominiums
• The Palisades Building
• The Pines at Osage National

The quality of Keys to the Lake Property Management Services allows owners to have time to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures without the concern of property maintenance. After all, we believe the beauty of the Lake of the Ozarks is the finest amenity.

We offer a variety of Management Services, which can be tailored to fit your specific criteria. Required services are determined by the Association’s Board of Directors from the list provided herein. Once the Association has clearly defined these specific requirements, Keys to the Lake will work with the designated Board or Committee Appointee, to establish the precise scope of these services, the time-line in which they will be achieved, and ultimately submit a comprehensive budget for board approval.

The following Professional Management Services are offered by Keys to the Lake:

Accounting/Financial * To assist the Board in meeting the precise standards of its Fiscal accounting responsibilities with the highest degree of accuracy, using sound statistical methods and generally accepted accounting principals, including: Budgets, Monthly P&L, A/P, A/R (common assessments receivable, special assessments), Collections (late fees & related), YTD Financial Statements, and to provide documentation and data to Independent CPA for Year-End Reporting.

Administrative/Managerial * Efficiently and effectively oversees, designates, controls, and maintains ongoing management and professional administration of the Facilities. Performs routine inspections, enforces the COA, POA, or HOA bylaws, covenants, declarations, easements, limitations, provisions, and/or regulations (where applicable and at Administrator’s discretion). Provide welcome letter from Association, which includes current copy of the Association’s Rules & Regulations (News/updates if applicable). Maintains accurate files and records for Owners, applicable Association business receipts, and any/all expenditures affecting the common facilities of the Association.

All other services offered by Keys to the Lake for any Association projects are provided through a 3rd party, on an a-la-carte basis.

• Architectural
• Activities/Recreation
• Common Area/Facility Management
• Dock/Marina
• Grounds Keeping
• Maintenance
• Security
• Vacation Rental Management
• Wastewater Management

Keys to the Lake will work with your Board to tailor our Professional Services to suit your Association’ specific criteria. It’s our desire to effectively and efficiently provide professional resource utilization, specialized skills, practical solutions, sound controls, and the sustained commitment necessary to meet your required performance goals.

Keys to the Lake’s Professional Management Team provides additional information to Board Members and/or upon request as follows:

Developer/COA/POA/HOA Board of Director’s (as required)

• Itemized Detail of all agreed services to be provided as stipulated per Association/ Administer Agreement
• Owners Listing (as required)
• Monthly Summary of Assessments Receivable
• Monthly / YTD Budget vs. Actual Expense Reporting
• Monthly Cash Receipts / Journal
• Monthly Check Register / Journal
• Development / Associations Preamble, By-Laws, Declarations, Regulations (as applicable)
• Board Meeting Attendance / Participation (up to 6 per year)
• Meeting Agenda Outlines and/or Detailed Agenda

Associations Member/Unit Owner

• Association By-Laws
• Rules and Regulations
• Newsletters/Notices/Updates (as applicable)
• Other Services Specified (As stipulated per Association Agreement)